Onboarding: Web Design

I'm very excited to get your website where it needs to be to reach your ideal client. So take a second and breathe! You got this far, decided you need some help and reached out. Go you! That kind of attitude will get you and your business far! Now before we get started, I need you to fill out the following form. This is basically your one stop shop to get all of your info over to me in the most convenient way. Oh! Remember that contract you signed? That is what is keeping all your pertinent info safe! So take a few moments and fill this out and once it get's over to me I will be in touch with our first steps!

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Once this is submitted I will go over everything and start designing. If I have any questions I will be reaching out to you by email, please keep an eye out for any messages sent by me. A quick answer can get your web drafts over to you quicker and this whole timeline can go a lot faster! Just as a heads up, once your entire site is done and your final bill is paid the entire site will be turned over to you and you will be given instructions of how to access future billing and pertinent information! Let's get this started!