Interested In Working With Melissa?

If you are even considering working with me I am incredibly honored! I love working with business, brands, locations and hotels. If you have an idea I am all for it. To help save some time the following may help you establish if us working together is a good fit!

-My combined Instagram following is 24k.

-I reach 200,000 Pinterest accounts monthly.

-My Amazon reviewer rank is 46,747 and I am always accepting items for review. See My Profile.

-I have a clear and concise way of communication.

-I am a professional photographer and have the ability of taking high quality photographs of any product or venue.

-With an Associates Degree in Studio Art, I have a deep background in graphics, journalism and fine arts.

-I believe in businesses both big and small and love working together to grow! A rising tide raises all ships! #CommunityOverCompetition

To contact me with your proposal please email me at