How To Organize Your Whole Home With Three Easy Steps


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I absolutely LOVE being organized and knowing all the things I have and exactly where they are. Being organized is something that always came naturally to me, even when I had a lot of things! I always knew exactly where they were. However if you fast forward to High School I really wanted to live minimally and I got rid of a lot of things! It was very freeing and rewarding, so I started helping my friends and family do the same thing!

I use the SAME three step process every time I organize my things or when I help someone organize theirs. It’s just so simple I never needed to really find another process. It doesn’t really matter where you are in life, everyone can do this and everyone should make the time to organize areas of their life through physical items.

Now I totally get it, you’re busy, I’m busy, everyone is busy. But you know what takes up a lot of time? Sifting through your extra, unneeded stuff daily, or trying to find the things that you need under all your other ‘stuff’. So set aside the time, drink a cup of coffee first and turn on your music because it’s worth it to get organized!

If you’re not much of a reader and would rather watch this process you can organize with me and learn the process through the video below, or read on after.

The first thing you need to do is mentally categorize your home into the following categories.

  1. Apparel

  2. Living Space (living room, play room, bonus room)

  3. Bedrooms

  4. Kitchens

  5. Bathrooms

  6. Outdoor Space (car, garage, storage unit)

Then you are going to decide which order you are going to tackle them in. I recommend doing the hardest or biggest category first.

Once you are ready to get started you are going to go through these following steps to get your space together.

  1. Gather - Take all corresponding items and put them into ONE pile in a clean area of your home. This helps you see what and how much you have. It also helps to find doubles or see what is just not needed.

  2. Analyze - Go through the items and get rid of multiples, things that are broken/ do not fit/ would not be your first pick to use or wear. Also pack up things that would be more appropriately stored away for long periods. I recommend having three piles 1, to sell, 2, to donate, 3, trash. Keep in mind, if you need to think about it, it needs to go!

  3. Organize - Take your left over items (keep items) and put them back into your home in a way that works for YOUR family. Should your clothes be organized to hang so you can pick through them better? Should your kitchen be organized by when you use the items in a day? Would your bathroom benefit by getting a storage shelf and drawers and separating things by product of family member? No ONE system works for everyone. Devise a plan that will work for your family and inform everyone of it!

I hope this helped you wrap your mind around organizing and gave you a little motivation to get yourself and your home organized this year!