How I'm Learning More From Skillshare Than My Years In College


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If you have read a few blogs you might know by now that I wear A LOT of hats. All of these hats have been acquired from work and family experience or college classes. However, I recently found a way to skip the expensive college courses, forget the forever web searching to find Adobe instructions and I even get to learn a new hobby, skill or language that I WANT! It’s called Skillshare!

Skillshare is a video based teaching service taught by field professionals for you! There are classes for literally anything on there. From learning how to use your DSLR, to how to properly and quickly cut in the kitchen, and how to correctly market your business, Skillshare has it ALL. I can easily say I’ve basically relearned all the Adobe products in a much easier way than I did in college! I’ve also taken some advance photography classes to brush up on my shots! Next we are learning Russian to efficiently communicate with our landlord. The possibilities are endless!

I know what you’re thinking. This online class portal access has to cost a fortune doesn’t it? NOPE! It’s only $10 a month. That’s cheaper than Netflix! (And probably better for your brain!) Now, if you head to Skillshare you can get a FREE month of premium! But if you follow THIS LINK or any other link in this post you will get TWO MONTHS OF PREMIUM FREE!! You literally have nothing to lose! Only a ton to learn! So get on it and sign up today!

Now, just as a small tidbit… You CAN create a free account and bunny ear videos for later when you are ready to start your free trial. This is EXACTLY what I did. I first logged on and found that I had "“access” to supposedly thousands of videos on the free trial, and I did. However, these were the introductory videos of lessons, not the actual lessons themselves. But that’s expected as this is a paid service and you are paying for REAL quality lessons.

So here’s what I did… I went on prior to my slow season and got the free account and tagged the video lessons I felt would benefit me or ones I found interesting. I then waited until I would have the time to watch the videos the following weekend to start the trial. I however found the trial to be very beneficial and I signed up for the service further, but that’s entirely up to you!

I always had Netflix documentaries and Ted Talks on in the background of my work day because I always thought that was better for my mind than yet another episode of Gossip Girl. Which yes I can be wrong, but at least that was I was feeding my mind. I really like Skillshare because I can play some really great lessons in the background of my workday or even while I’m cooking or budgeting so I can easily have time for learning!

PS, if for any reason the link doesn’t get you two months free you can use this promo code: igamb2328