FabFitFun vs. Causebox

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I LOVE subscription boxes. You can get a lot of high dollar products for a low price. I’ve purchased both FabFitFun boxes and Causebox! At a similar price tag people often choose one over the other, but I’m here to talk about the differeces and eve some similarities and, who knows, maybe you’ll even want to splurge for both of them!

Let’s first see which came in both boxes!




First there is a difference in price. Causebox is $54/monthly and $198/yearly while FabFitFun is $49/monthly and $179/yearly. There is also a price difference in how much the box is worth. Causebox says they have $200-$300+ worth of products inside each box while FabFitFun has $350-$450+ worth of items inside. Lastly Causebox has a large variety of items and the variation of each box is vast while FabFitFun is based heavily in skin, hair and body care as well as fitness items. The Causebox is made of items from brands doing good in the community and beyond. FabFitFun typically is full of items from women based business. Once of the biggest differences between the two companies is FabFitFun had “add on” and “edit” sales where you can add on items to your upcoming box or buy items left over from the last box or brands - these items are HEAVILY discounted.


Both boxes ship quarterly while monthly boxes have items chosen for you while the yearly subscribers choose their items and colors. They both have an average of eight items that are trending and focused around the season typically. Lastly, they both come in a large artwork covered box!

If You Have To Pick One (Coupon For Both)

Wow. Tough one honestly. Whichever you end up picking heres a $10 coupon to FabFitFun and Causebox . I personally think FabFitFun is the way to go if you can only pick one. It is cheaper yearly AND the boxes are worth more. Lastly the add-on and edit sale is REALLY worth it especially for gifts (and yourself). But I actually have both subcriptions!