Honest Review of FabFitFun

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I LOVE subscription boxes. You tend to get a lot of products at a really low cost and you get to try products you wouldn’t neccesarily know about or buy in store. I’ve tried smaller subscriptions with price tags of $5-$10 and was never really in love so I was hesitant to try one that cost five times as much. But when my freidns kept raving about FabFitFun I knew I had to try it!

What is FabFitFun? FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box of curated items (some you choose ahead of time and some are surprise) delivered to your door. What makes this box different is that they have a survey you take in the begining and they create profile of things you will like and not like. They also have “add on” and “edit” sales where you can get partner brands products for HUGE discounts. This company boasts that each box has $400+ worth of items inside and the monthly cost is $50 or yearly at $180. The $!80 members get to choose some of their items and colors or items ahead of time.

So let me be clear and honest. I am in no way an influencer and I paid full price for my box and FabFitFun will most likely never read this so this is my honest opinion of the box. My friend kept talking about the box and I thought it would take the plunge as I was really liking the stuff she was getting. This is now my fourth box and I really like the service.

So let’s get to what was in this box…

These boxes come in a brightly designed unfoldable box that is within another box (a weird waste of boxes) and it’s packaged nicely and comes with a magazine that walks you through the products and makers.

Now, my thoughts… I all together got 8 products and I feel like that was a good amount of items and even thought the “purchase price” of the box was said to be over $400 I did feel like it was over the advertised price tag boasted and wasn’t inflated pricing in that manner. I really liked my items although almost all of them were body products.

I would reccomend this box most definetly as you get SO much for sucha cheap price. However I really only reccomend the annual plan because you get to choose certain items and colors that way!

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