Honest Review of Causebox

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I LOVE subscription boxes. You tend to get a lot of products at a really low cost and you get to try products you wouldn’t neccesarily know about or buy in store. I’ve tried smaller subscriptions with price tags of $5-$10 and was never really in love so I was hesitant to try one that cost five times as much. But when I saw what was offered a certain month in Causebox I had to take the dive.

What is Causebox? Causebox is a quarterly subscription box of curated items (some you choose ahead of time some are surprise) delivered to your door. What makes this box different than others are the missions and goals of the companies that put their items in this box. They all have worthy causes. This company boasts that each box has $200+ worth of items inside and the monthly cost is $54 or yearly at $198. The $!98 members get to choose some of their items and colors or items ahead of time.

So let me be clear and honest. I am in no way an influencer and I paid full price for my box and Causebox will most likely never read this so this is my honest opinion of the box. I saw a Facebook add over and over about the Summer Welcome box and I really wanted the pink bussines woman portfolio that was advertised to hold a laptop, pens, paper and a variety of goodies that would be great for business meetings as well as a few other items I was interested to try like a Jade roller, new nail colors from my favorite brands and a macrame plant hanger. So I took the plunge and got a box.

I was really happy to hear that I could pay for just the one month and pause and cancel my subscription at any time. Cancelling was a breeze and I was planning to do so reguardless because I only could afford one box right now. If cancelling programs scares you this one should not. I clicked through a few prompts and was cancelled without ever having to talk to a human - phew,

So let’s get to what was in the box…

The boxes come in a brightly designed unfoldable box that is within another box (a weird waste of boxes) and it’s packaged nicely and comes with a magazine that walks you through the products and makers. I got all the items advertised and even got the pink business portfolio I wanted!

Now, my thoughts… I all together got 8 products and a print and I feel like that was a good amount of items and even thought the “purchase price” of the box was said to be over $300 I did feel like it was over the advertised $200 price tag boasted and wasn’t inflated pricing in that manner. I was bummed on a few things though. That pink portfolio? It didn’t fit my laptop althought all the photos said it would fit one and I have a pretty average laptop. Also, while reading post comments and forums I saw that this was a specialty box and IS NOT the regualr box and had extra items. I would have been having buyers remorse if I had gotten less items. Yes I get I only spent $50 but I’m sure this company is getting a large discount on the items included. However I REALLY liked this box because it was skincare or athletically boastful. All of these items were pretty diverse and I was happy with the variety this box had to offer.

I would reccomend this box with the understanding that EVERY box comes with eight items and a print, because anything less I wouldn’t be very happy with. I also think the yearly paid plan is the way to go as with that you could’ce chosen your portfolio, nail polish, tumbler and necklace color.

Would you like $10 off your first Causebox? Use THIS LINK to do so! Cancel or pause anytime!