Is Ebates A Scam?


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I am all about saving money. It could be a coupon, sale or promotion, whatever it is I am going to look for it before I buy online. We all know you HAVE to spend money, it is inevitable, but what if you could save money when there are no coupons, sales or promotions going on?

Enter Ebates. They are a browser integrated shopping hub that promises “cash-back” when you shop through their portal. That sounds great and all but let us delve in a little deeper and see how this really works!

How Does This Work

First you need to make an account on Ebates (get $10 extra cash back on your first $25+ purchase when you follow the LINKS from this article). Then once you verify your account I recommend you download and install the browser plug in for Ebates so it can alert you wth a pop-up when you are shopping on a cashback available site. Then before you check out you need to log into the portal and then check out to get your cashback. Then at the end of the quarter you will receive a paper check or Paypal deposit with your cashback! It is that simple.


Is It Worth It?

Say you are shopping on American Eagle already, and the little browser notification pops up and alerts you that Ebates is giving 8% off today. With one click of a button you can save and additional 8% off of whatever other sales are going on at American Eagle today by simply shopping through the Ebates portal. To me that is very worth it! You can also go to Ebates first (see the photo above) to see what store are offering cashback that day.

Are They Stealing My Credit Card Info?

Absolutely not! They are a 100% safe portal to shop through that makes money from the stores advertising on their website and they pass a small about of that money back to you through “cash back” when you shop with them!


Will I Actually Make Money From This?

Yes! You will get a check every quarter cut to you by paper mail or Paypal of REAL money given back to you from the shopping that you did during said quarter. In three years I have gotten $227.76 in cash back from simply logging in before I check out. That is a lot of money that would have been lost if I didn’t use Ebates! I log in before checking out on sites like, groupon, American Eagle and Victoria’s Secret. I did not do anything extra than log in and shop like a regularly would, but unlike your shopping trip, I got money BACK after!

I should add you can use this in CONJUNCTION with any sale, coupon code or credit card cashback system you are already planning to use when shopping online. Imagine combining a great sale like Black Friday, getting your credit card cashback and an additional cashback from Ebates!! Lastly the cashback amounts can change daily/weekly and are sometimes not offered at all from certain stores.

So do yourself a favor and sign up for Ebates and get an extra $10 cashback from following the LINKS from this article on your first online shopping trip of $25+! Let me know how much you have saved in the comments below!