Needing First Aid at Disney

First Aid at Disney.png

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You never want to think about needing medical services while on your Disney vacation, but between medical conditions, heat exhaustion and clumsy kids (or adults) there is a posibility you may need it. I was super lucky to have medical services available to me when I got food poisioning at Disney and had an extreme allergic reaction while in the parks. But I have also stopped by First Aid to get things like Ibuprofen, Pepto and tampons when I couldn’t find them in a shop close by.

First Aid locations are in ALL six theme parks (including water parks) and you can get medical treatment 24 hours in any Disney resort hotel. There are also Urgent Care centers open 8:00 AM to midnight, Monday through Friday, and 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday. Disney also offers complimentary transportation to them if needed.

Since most of the First Aid centers double as a baby feeding area there are microwaves, fridges an sinks for heating bottles, prepping them or other meds and storage for medications. There are also the disposible containers for needles too! At each center there are typical OTC medicines and bandages available as well as a nursing staff on hand to handle and remedy small situations. In the event you ever have a medical emergency on Disney property you should call 911 but also locate the nearest cast member immediately as they have a full medical team only steps away for life threatening emergencies.

No matter the problem Disney has got you covered. I have seen people have heart attacks on property and be whisked away with a trauma nurse within minutes to a kid who hit a simbling on the heat with a toy and drew immidiate blood that recieved quick response. I was even thrown up on by a child (that I did not know) and was taken to First Aid and then to an offstage area with a shower to clean up at. So no matter the issue check in with a cast member and expect tat first aid will be able to help!