What Is Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom


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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SOTMK) is kind of one off beat secret things Disney offers that hides in plain site. It’s perfect for the kid who enjoys card colelction games like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, etc or kids that aren’t the biggest fans of rides. SOTMK is an interactive screen and card game that has you scavaging across all Magic Kingdom lands to defeat the villians!

Just to be clear this is a totally free game to play at The Magic Kingdom and it does require a park ticket to do. Getting started is easy. You can head to the Firehall on Mainstreet to sign up and get your first set of five cars per person and map. (Even is parents aren’t going to play ot helps if they walk with kids to the sign up to get a pack of cards for themselves too) There are over 70 character cards to collect and each Halloween and Christmas party a new exclusive card comes out for the season. I ended up getting a card carrying case so I could organize my cards. During initiation (which takes two minutes) the cast member will explain how to play and give you everything you need.


Once you have your card pack you will also be told where to start. You’ll find your locations on your map and you’ll scavange to find the key portal to activate your game screen. Once you wave your key, ticket or magic band over the key portal the screen will open up and explain your quest and offer a villain for you to “fight'“. You fight him by holding up one or multiple card at the screen and the character’s power will fight the villain on screen. For example say you are attacking Cruella De Vil and you use the Mulan card to fight you will notice loads of lit arrows and dragon bombs invade Cruella.

This game is really fun for both kids and families as you can utilize the souvenir aspect of the cards and entice your kids to build their collection and maybe even collect them all. It’s also great as a break from rides or shows or even for the local passholder family looking for something new! Reguardless if you become the next great sorcerer or you would just like some cards to scrapbook head over to Main Street Fire Hall and pick up a deck of cards!