The Best Disney World Hotel

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When planning your Disney World vacation you have a plethora of options. The hotel you stay at is one of them. I personally have stayed at almost every Disney World hotel and five off brand local ones. When you are not renting a car or you would like to enjoy a fair amount of adult beverages at the parks the Disney World transportation is a godsend and typically why I book on property hotels. But there is a lot more to consider than the use of Disney transportation during your trip.

You could want a room you can drive your car right up to, or maybe one that is close to laundry services, the pool or the arcade. Maybe you want to be on the top floor so no kids’ feet stomp you awake each morning. No matter your location preference - if you book on property with Disney you’ll be able to note these requests at check-in. You also get the safety of booking on property, pools, arcades, dining, shopping, kids activities, movies under the stars, airport transportation and more. But many people don’t realize all of this is included in your hotel price and they tend to book off property cheaper, but thenhave transportation expenses and more later on. What if I told you that you can stay ON Disney property cheaply, and enjoy a nice room?


Insert Pop Century Resort. This hotel is one of my faves! No, you’re right it’s not the Grand or Polynesian or even Port Orleans - but it’s a favorite of mine for a variety of reasons. Pop Century is a Value resort (and not a pretend one like Art of Animation where only a handful of rooms are at Value prices) and is worth it’s weight in gold. The hotel has its’ OWN busses (unlike the other Value resorts) and is a quick walk to Art of Animation where there is even more dining, photo ops and arcades. The theming at Pop Century is both character driven for kids, but also a bit less “Disney in your face” for the adult that just wants a safe resort to stay at with their family or maybe a dad who isn’t so Disney-driven. And lastly the rooms are UPDATED and super modern (hello waterfall shower). They have a nostalgic Disney feel complete with pull down beds, TWENTY plugs (USB too) headboard lighting, an amazing shower, a vanity area fit for a Queen and a MASSIVE tv for those after park movies before bed or the park info channel and music to get ready to every morning.


Pop Century also has the LONG list of items of things that are offered at almost every other Disney World hotel like multiple pools, lounge/ bars, photo ops, laundry services, kids activities, movies under the stars, luggage service, housekeeping, dining options (quick service only), arcade and more! The selling point of this hotel however is the price and the quality of room you are getting. If you’re like me you don’t spend a lot of time at your resort and you’re in the park a lot so why have a $500/ night room? I understand also many people don’t go to the parks every day but with a pool, activities, running trail, arcade and night movies would you need to stay at a “nice” hotel to get that? Nope!


I’ve stayed at Pop Century four times now - twice on solo trips! I feel incredibly safe there and have ALWAYS had a great time. I’ve sat at the lunge in pjs (appropriate ones) and had a few frozen margaritas and walked back to my room no problem. The dining options are plentiful and always on point and the shop always had the little things I needed and the ones I didn’t (ahem - a box of donuts) The pools are great and the all over theming is awesome and complete with water views and more! I would reccomend this hotel to literally anyone who is looking to save money and still stay somewhere great!