Disney Road Trip Tips


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If you find yourself planning out the route to drive to Disney you may be thinking, how on earth can I make it through a X hour drive?! Well you, my friend, have come to great place.

Driving to Disney is nice for two reasons. You can save money on flights/rental car or just have a car in general around the resort. We have driven to Disney many times and found there are three ways to do it.

1) Leave early in the AM and drive straight there.

A great option for people who like to have ONE travel day and just get to a destination. However young kids can't always sit in a seat the entire day. This really ONLY works if you leave to beat the traffic in your home town before morning rush hour. We did this best by leaving at 4AM and getting past DC before 6AM.

2) Leave late and drive through the night.

A great option for people who don't mind their initial day of vacation being rest and need to not disrupt their children's sleep schedules. When we did this we napped until about 1AM and then got in the car and arrived at Disney for check in time at 3PM. We grabbed dinner and then slept all the way until park day the next morning. This only works well if your sleep schedule can change and vary easily.

3) Drive the evening of day one, and morning of day two.

Great for people who need a little break from driving and have the ability to leave work and start the vacay drive right after work. We would leave around 9PM and drive about five hours and then sleep and drive the rest the following day and arrive in Disney World around nighttime.

Whichever way you choose to get to Disney there are going to be lulls of drive time that you may get restless so here are some ideas that help pass the time.

-Create a great Disney playlist. Maybe even an additional one of music to get you pumped up. Between Spotify and Youtube this should be very easy.

-Bring a portable dvd player and more movies then you could actually watch so you don't get stuck watching one you don't feel like.

-Wrap small gifts for your kids to unwrap at certain legs of the trip.

-Although it may be cheaper to buy all ride snacks ahead of time, getting a new bag of candy is nice to have something different to choose from during the ride.

-Picking up a few NEW car games help keep up morale and excitement. They even take a little time to learn how to play which is nice also!