How To Pass Time In Theme Park Lines


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Let’s say you are at Disney, it's sunny, everyone is excited and you are headed to the whole group's favorite ride... But here come's the plot twist. It has a 55-minute wait and no Fastpass becoming available for the rest of the day. What do you do?


(freeze, if you have kids make them all stop at the bathroom first.-- But then proceed into the line!)

Yes, I get it - that's a long time in line. Well... not really if you plan accordingly. Here are some little ideas that add up to really help the time pass!

-Download "Heads Up" and play with the whole family! (Or the family in front of behind you!) There's even a location-based deck of cards that is all Disney related keywords to guess. Heads Up is a game created by Ellen DeGeneres and is a lot of fun and can even include the family in front or behind you in line. Make teams and take turns because this game is very easily addicting.

-Grab snacks for the whole family before entering the line. and enjoy while you wait. One time I got a kitchen sink and it took the whole wait in Dwarfs to eat it.

-Play "I Spy".

-Go over your plans for the rest of the day in the My Disney Experience app to make sure everyone has the game plan down so you are ready to hit the ground running after this ride.

-Meet with the family in front or behind you! I have found some very close friends doing just this and it's a great way to teach kids how to talk with new people in a safe setting with you watching them. Also a great time to enforce stranger danger depending on who is in line with you.

-Find hidden Mickey's throughout the line. If you Google your ride you are in line for and hidden Mickeys it should help you find some.

-Break out those snacks and in line games you had packed in your park bag.

-Put down your phones and talk with your family and friends for a bit of time. In most lines, your cell phone does not work anyway (looking at you Pirates, Dwarfs and Splash Mountain) so take this time to reconnect with the people you are vacationing with.

Waiting in lines is something that is inevitable at Disney. No matter the season you will find yourself in some sort of line. Prep yourself so lines don't put a damper on your vacation.

-PS. I once waited three whole hours in line for Flight of Passage and I would easily do it again. However, I entered the line with my ENTIRE dinner and played about 40 rounds of Heads Up and made two friends.