Unsaid Rules of Disney Parks - If Walls Could Talk


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No matter where you go there's always going to be rules. They are in place for your safety and the liability of where you are. Disney Parks do have a few rules that need to be noted as both DisneyWorld and DisneyLand rules are different in some cases. However there are ALWAYS additional or unspoken rules to Disney that you should take note of.

Keep in mind this is not meant to offend anyone, these points may simply help you realize you may be doing something that could be negatively affecting other park goers. If you don't like these points then just consider them "more like guidelines anyway." 

Don't Place Your Child On Your Shoulders

Yes, you may be at Disney for your kids, but so are many other families. Placing your child on your shoulders is very rude to a large group of people behind you. You create a 7-8 foot barricade in front of lots of viewers therefore making them not be able to see. It's perfectly acceptable to hold your child up, just keep them on your hip at regular eye level.

Keep An Eye On Your Stroller

Unfortunately many strollers are stolen from. Keeping all valuables in a backpack you take with you is the best idea. However you should also ONLY be parking your stroller in designated areas as they are better watched and no longer a safety hazard. Lastly, when your driving PLEASE be mindful of ankles!

Be Kind To All

I'm pretty upset that people have to be reminded of this. You never know why someone else is doing what they're doing. You never know what someone else is going through. A simple smile can go a long way, but helping someone pick up the contents of their park bag, holding a door or helping someone with directions goes even farther. Always keep in mind that everyone in the park paid the same amount to be there. They all worked long hours, pinched pennies and made sacrifices to be in the parks with their family, no one is entitled to something that someone else is not. Lastly, cast members want to be nice to you, don't give them a reason to make them not want to. They work extremely long hours for minimal pay and get complained to A LOT. Yes, they work at the most magical place on earth, but that doesn't mean you get to abuse them ;)

Watch Your Kids

Unfortunately this is another rule that should go without saying. Kids should never roam the parks by themselves, but all the time they still do. Just because it's Disney that doesn't mean your child is safe. Look at stories that you hear on the news about predators entering day cares and schools. Don't let your child be one of those stories, keep an eye on them!

Do Not Cut

Under no circumstance should you ever be cutting a line. Period. Lines are made to be waited in patiently. Try playing a game with your family to pass the time. Lastly, your ENTIRE party should enter the line together. You should never send once person in line to hold your spot and then the rest come later.

Take Direction

When you enter a theater and the cast member asks you to move all the way to the end of your row, move. If the ride announcement says to stay seated, don't get up. If the posted sign says that no camera flash is to be used, turn off your flash. Rules are in place for a reason, follow them. You'll set a really good example for your kids too!

Be Mindful of Others

Are you a 16 year old boy sitting on the bus while a pregnant woman is standing? Offer them your seat. Are their children around? Watch your language. Are you in a theater? Silence your cell phone. All in all be aware of your surroundings to help everyone enjoy their time!

Thanks so much for reading and caring enough to research things before you went on your trip! Lastly, if you get bored in the parks come visit me! I'm located right at the exit of Spaceship Earth, and right under the sign for Project Tomorrow in Epcot!