Traveling to Disney Solo


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Over the past years I've always traveled with someone, whether it be a significant other, or friend, I've never traveled alone. But due to recent circumstances I found myself booking my first trip to Disney World alone. Solo. By myself.

At first I was nervous, but then realized this might be the best trip I've taken yet. Why? Well let's dive in...

When creating your trip itinerary you normally have to account for what everyone wants to do and build your trip around that. Well, if it's just you going tou can do exactly what you want whenever you want to. Do you want to sleep in one or all days? You can. Do you want to park hop all day every day? You sure can. Do you want to only walk around and eat and take photos and skip most the rides? Do it. The perks of being the only person going is that you don't have to worry with other people's schedules, wants, favorites and dislikes.

This is something I looked forward to most as I like to stop in the shops a lot, go at a slower pace and take a lot of photos. However I like to start if the day before park open and knock out all the big rides first. Since I don't have to worry about lugging someone behind me, or waking someone else up early I can park tour as I please.

But I was also excited that although I was travelling alone I wouldn't actually be 'alone'. I'm very privileged to have Disney world and Cast Member friends that I could take some time and park tour with and visit. But I also ALWAYS meet other single riders at the parks every time I travel! Travelling alone to other parts of the world could mean that you're actually alone, but in Disney World you're always surrounded by others.

I also very much enjoyed that I could splurge or save on whatever I wanted. I decided to save money on the hotel and stay at All Star Movies so I could use extra money to spend on food, because, well it's Disney food and I traveled during Flower and Garden Festival. But you could also decide to treat yourself and stay in luxury. If I was in my hotel room a lot, or staying for more than three days and would dine at my hotel or swim I would've chosen to do that.

I will say that throughout the trip there were moments that I wish I could share with another person, but this current season in my life is about focusing on me and I like knowing that I did something to benefit me and for me to have those special memories myself. I also learned a lot about myself and how I handle situations alone. I typically always worry about other people and it was refreshing to not have anything on my mind except for enjoying the most magical place on Earth!