Dinner At Kona Cafe


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Many people rave about Kona Cafe's breakfast and how the Tonga Toast is to die for and how you HAVE to have Kona breakfast to say you've really "done Disney." Well, I am not one of those people...

I have been to Kona cafe for breakfast and you can read about that HERE. But I’ve had the amazing opportunity to dine at Kona for dinner. Not once, not twice, but three times!

The service here has always been top notch for me. The servers are always super quick, attentive and honestly nice! They’re going to start you off with drinks and I will highly recommend that you get the Lapu Lapu. It’s a pineapple drink inside a hallowed out pineapple that it to die for! But even after the drinks you’re going to be wow’d by the macadamia bread ans sweet butter they bring out for you. You literally can’t remake this at home. Trust me, I’ve tried!!

But when it comes down to what to order you can literally choose anything off the menu and be delighted. I’ve literally had a bite of EVERY ENTREE now and cannot try to convince you further! You need to eat here. If you really want my recommendations get the Lapu Lapu, Potstickers and Lamb Chops, but seriously everything here is great!

Do yourself and your family a favor and make a reservation at Kona Cafe the next time you are in Disney World!

Side notes...

-Kona Cafe is located at The Polynesian Village Resort, which is on the monorail loop and doesn't need park admission. You simply will park in their lot while telling the attendant you have a dinner reservation or take the monorail from MK or a bus from any park.


-If you plan your reservation at just the right time you can get desert to go and watch the Electric Water Pageant and Magic Kingdom's nighttime fireworks show from the beach! It happens nightly and loops around Seven Seas Lagoon. You can find the times on the Walt Disney World website.

-You also can walk out onto the beach and see the fireworks over Magic Kingdom! This is a great view and they even play the music on The Polynesian Village beach for you to listen along! This is really great to test kids with sensory issues around fireworks as well!

-We always dress nicer when we go because it gives us a chance to actually dress up while at Disney, but you’ll fit in no matter what you wear. However, like all Disney restaurants, shoes, shirt and bottoms are required. (no bathing suits or bare feet!)