Disney Trip Planning Resources


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When I first started planning my first trip to Disney World and then my first trip to Disney Land I needed a lot of help planning! It was ridiculous! I felt so overwhelmed by Fastpasses, reservations and how early it seemed that I needed to plan things. I almost quit planning and put off the trip because I felt confused and like I wouldn’t have a good time because I wasn’t doing it right. However, I am here to show you the good ones in order to get your planning under way the right way!!

If you use any of these planning resources you are sure to have a better trip than planning yourself. These people basically live and breathe Disney planning and WANT to help you have a good trip and be prepared!


Shannon and her team run a great blogging service that I STILL use when I'm planning trips! Her crowd calendars are spot on and her insights are ever so helpful! She has an easy step by step guide of how to plan your trip so you can bite off your planning in small chunks! She has diagrams of where to stand during fireworks to how to navigate the parks easily. Check their site off HERE!


This guy has a lot of helpful tips but if you're into character meet and greets you need to head to this SITE because he is the expert! He even has a really cheap paid service that’s let’s you know when super rare characters are in the parks!


Casey and her team have TONS of tips on touring and more of the So Cal area including Disneyland (obviously). She helped me out a lot the first and most recent time I went to Disneyland. If you think Disney World runs one way I can assure you Disneyland is a whole other breed! Find all the info you need HERE!


Now these guys have all of the resort schedules online which is REALLY nice for people who do take advantage of their hotel amenities like resort games, pool, outdoor movies and more! Find their scheduled HERE.


Tom Bricker is the mind behind Disney Tourist Blog and if you went through the previous blogs and still feel lost her has a whole article that is basically like Disney World planning 101. You can find that HERE.

It is worth noting that using the actual Disney World or Disneyland park will help you as well. They have park hours, ride information, resort info and even how long a ride or attraction is. They’ve recently updated their maps to be easily readable and they have an entire section where you can plan out your day by saving when to utilize attractions!