Is Disney's Halloween Party Worth It?


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When it comes to holiday parties at Disney I have yet to do the Christmas party, however, I was very lucky to get to do the Halloween Party once at Magic Kingdom. I say "lucky" because I am lucky I got to splurge and pay for the party ticket. This price really seems to hold people back, but I do think a Halloween party is always a good idea!

Yes, I get it can cost $59-$99 depending on when you buy your ticket, but plan early and you can get that early bird discount. Also, I recommend making the party ticket a "day" ticket. Instead of getting a park ticket for this day, spend the morning at the pool or Springs and then just use your Halloween party ticket to get in the park at 4pm. Yup, you read that right 4pm. Although the party starts at 6pm or 7pm you can enter the park on that ticket at 4pm, costume and all! This gives you time to ride some of the lower wait rides, and grab food before the party officially starts! By not paying for another park ticket this day and only using half of it, you are really saving and not overpaying for your family to do the Halloween party, which in my mind is a win!

When we went, we entered the park about 4:10pm and had until the party started at 7pm to get as much done as possible. Many people didn’t attend Magic Kingdom at all that day because of the early closing time and this led to really low wait times. I will say that Main Street during this transition is PACKED. If you avoid that area you will be really successful at using your time. We rode four or five rides during those two hours and had dinner.

And this is where we went wrong. Be sure to save room for all the candy and snacks that are part of the party. Some are free and some are not! All the specialty snacks will be in the special park guide for the party that they will give you! Also it will have a note to get the Sorcerer’s of The Magic Kingdom Halloween Party card.

Around 6:30 you’ll notice the park get a bit spookier and the crowds will seem to diminish. I still don’t know how they usher everyone out so quickly and efficiently! But then you’ll find the trick or treat booths pop out and the party will be in full swing!

The Halloween party is great as it is "not so scary" and a super fun family event! Everyone gets to dress up in a safe environment and have fun. There are super short ride lines and extremely rare characters to be seen! Also, the really amazing thing about Halloween is that you get to trick or treat in the park. You can't do that at any other holiday party either! And to finally top off the evening, there is an amazing parade as well as an all around fireworks display that will rick your socks off!

If you have the funds and the time in your touring plans I would always recommend getting a party ticket as you will have a blast!